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The Wye Foundation was established in 2014 to promote education and local community charitable needs. With a focus on Children, Education, Veterans, Historical preservation and Medical research. Based out of Lighthouse Point Florida, we reach out to other non-profit organizations which share similar values and objectives in an effort to help them complete their good work.

Things like feeding and caring for the homeless and less fortunate. Assisting with the sick and supporting the families of those that care for them. So much good can be done with 100% volunteer community assistance not only for the person who receives the assistance but so much for the community and the volunteers that provide that help. Education and preservation of our environment is high on our list too. With Coastal Conservation, IGFA, and Hillsboro Lighthouse being beneficiary’s to preserve, conserve and educate our local communities.

Contributions and Passions

Conservation Project

In 2019 we sponsored a very special project called the Fishial.AI project! The Fishial project’s vision is to enable a quantum leap in the research & development of Artificial Intelligence to enable "Fishial Recognition" of all 34,000 fish species.

Hillsboro Lighthouse Restoration

As one of the most recognizable landmarks in Lighthouse Point, we have been honored to be able to help support the resteration of this historical landmark in joint with the The Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society.

LHP Veterans Memorial

The city of Lighthouse point came to us with plans of creating a young boy scouts vision to build a veterans memorial in the Lighthouse point park. We were happy to contribute in order to help this boy scouts vision become a reality

Honor Flight

It was our great honor to support Pompano exchange club in participating in the Honor Flight program were veterans are supported and helped to travel to the DC monuments of the previous wars fought in

Medical Contributions

We are proud to work with some great organizations such as Molly's house, Silverbells, and Marties Shelter to help support the homeless, the elderly, the sick, and those suffering from late stage diseases.

Who We Are

Thomas & Jane Wye

Tom and Jane have officially called Lighthouse Point home since 2014 after spending over 25 years as husband and wife as well as business parteners in Silicon Valley. Originally from the northeast, Tom and Jane looked to come back to the east coast to be closer to family and the warm weather in an effort to enjoy retirement.

Since moving to Lighthouse Point, Tom and Jane have fallen in love with the location and community of LHP. They enjoy helping support the local community through various community outreach projects, helping restore key historical landmarks within Lighthouse Point, such as the Hilsboro Lighthouse.

While they enjoy helping support the local community, they also hope to be able to make a difference in the medical research field, making annual donations to childrens hospitals and cancer research.

Finally, as children of war veterans; Tom and Jane Wye have helped support various Veteran inititives such as a memorial park within Lighthouse Point Park as well as supporting the Pompano Beaches Exchange club's Honor Flight Program.

Thomas & Jane Wye

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